What is Gold Key Society?

The Gold Key Society welcomes all alumni of Mrs. Radhika Lee as members with the goal of connecting, engaging and inspiring all of you who have been her students at one time or the other in the last 3 decades.

The amazing journey of this remarkable lady started in 1986 where the coastal town of Mombasa welcomed her into the education world at Bamburi High School. Thereafter, Mrs. Lee taught at Laiser Hill Academy, Arya Boys’ Secondary, St Austin’s Academy, Shah Lalji Nangpar Academy and Nairobi Jaffery Academy.

In 2008, Mrs. Lee’s dream was transformed into a reality, with the inception of her very own, Nairobi International School. The journey still continues, with many more milestones to achieve.

Over the years all her students have spread their wings and flown far and wide across the globe, and as such, based on our key initiatives, The Gold Key Society invites all old students to join and interact at a personal and professional level.

The founding members of this prestigious alumni; The Gold Key Society, are none other than Mrs. Lee’s previous students who have been fortunate enough to be part of her dreams to date.


The aim of the Gold Key Society is to connect alumni members, across the globe. GKS hopes to bring all Mrs. Lee’s old students together under one umbrella where they can be exposed to a world of opportunities, enabling them to give back to the wider community.


Having been a career advisor, then the dean of students and finally a Head of several schools for years, Mrs. Lee has been involved in the mentoring of very many children and this initiative was inspired because of the indelible mark she has left in the lives of many of us.
Mentoring is a dynamic personal development and empowerment tool.
This is a proven path that encourages and helps people to progress towards achieving a set of goals, and is becoming more popular as its potential is realised. Mentorship defines the association between two people from a similar background, or two people sharing similar experiences.
Gold Key Society is looking to attain a mentorship scheme whereby Mrs. Lee’s students in various parts of the world can act as mentors and guides who will help the mentees to find the right direction, get a foot hold when they graduate from school and go off to universities in faraway lands. These mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an insight of their goals. We would like to see this scheme provide future alumni members with an opportunity to think about career options and progress, as well as assist to build upon a solid and confident chosen path in the country they have opted to pursue their higher studies at.
In other words, as old students settled in foreign countries, you will become the go to person when a newcomer lands in your city or town. You will act as their guide and their support. There will be no monetary involvement as all GKS expects of you is to be the moral support for a young student out of home for the very first time. You can guide them and counsel them and maintain a local guardian’s role without making it seem too formal. The newcomers will be looking for a support system which is often missing in today’s larger world.


Mrs. Lee has been a pillar of support for all secondary school sports in Kenya for the past 20 years over. Many of you have been beneficiaries of her struggle to provide better standards, life style and brighter future for young athletes of this country. As such, we feel that SPORTS must feature as an essential part of the GKS initiatives.
The world over, most people find a passion and comfort in some sort of sport. Sport has the tendency to bind communities together. It somehow provides sports fanatics with a common goal.
Gold Key Society Members will be encouraged to come up with any sports to give back to the community by arranging and playing matches and organizing various tournaments. This is just a beginning and with your input we are certain that we will be able to come up with programs that are highly beneficial to your personal selves and to the community at large.

Go Green

By setting up the very first E school in East Africa 7 years ago, Mrs. Lee made a huge statement to this world. This was undoubtedly the first step to a much bigger dream of establishing the very first Green School in this region. She has been an avid spokesperson for Going Green and has introduced several environmental initiatives at her school and in conjunction with small and medium enterprises like the Green Pencils and Tosheka.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; the 3 very important R’s that affect the current generation. If we don’t action this now, future generations will face a massive crisis in the decades to come. Gold Key Society believes strongly in the power of the 3 R’s.
We hope, through GKS, to come up with many more ‘Green’ initiatives that will impact our present and upcoming generations.


We live in a time where addiction and substance abuse is everyday activities in our societies. Degeneration of family values, lack of time and attention from parents, easy availability of contraband stuff almost everywhere and of course peer pressure has deviated our youth to become slaves of these most dangerous habits.
GKS hopes to set up a teenage rehab as one of its major initiatives here in Nairobi. It is our hope that many of you who are psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists or even just people who are able to listen and empathize with the problems of our youth, are most welcome to get this most noble idea off the ground.
If this pilot project becomes a success, we then hope to emulate it and set up more centers across the region as we have identified an acute need for such with the growing problem of the easy availability of drugs in and around our housing estates, clubs, kiosks and on the streets. More ideas are welcome.

Performing and Visual Arts

An ardent lover of music, dance and arts in general, Mrs. Lee has pioneered very many art and music festivals here in Nairobi during these past 30 years. Most of you may remember her ‘Bhangra’ days and then the inter schools’ dance festivals she established. Some of you may even remember her music lessons.
As Alumni we can come together and continue her legacy by organizing and hosting events such as art exhibitions, workshops, musicals, plays and performance opportunities for existing and upcoming artists.


CATSI was founded by Mrs. Lee in the year 2008 when she established the school as its main CSR initiative. Although the earlier idea was to try and fundraise for the purchase of LINEAR PARTICLE ACCILERATOR for every Province, she soon realized that was indeed an uphill task. So she put the idea on the back burner and concentrated on treating needy patients in conjunction with the oncologists and radiologists at Faraja Cancer Care attached to M.P.Shah Hospital. Also , every year, the students at NIS have embraced the roles of ambassadors for CATSI and are creating awareness about the illness to their fellow students from other institutions.
There are a zillion little acts that we can do to make a difference to this initiative. As the executive committee of GKS, we appeal to all of you out there for ideas to make this initiative as the one that will indeed make a difference to the many affected lives out there.

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