The aim of the Gold Key Society is to connect alumni members, across the globe. GKS hopes to bring all Mrs. Lee’s old students together under one umbrella where they can be exposed to a world of opportunities, enabling them to give back to the wider community.



Mentoring is a dynamic personal development and empowerment tool that encourages and helps to progress towards achieving a set of goals. Gold Key Society will connect students to “buddy” up with guides, across the globe, to help them acclimatize to their new environments.


The world over, most people find a passion and comfort in some sort of sport as it has the tendency to bind communities together. Gold Key Society Members will be encouraged to come up with any sports activity to give back to the community by arranging and playing matches and organizing various tournaments.

Go Green

In this day and age, Going Green is the way to go. What are we, as a society, doing to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse waste? We hope, through GKS, to come up with many more ‘Green’ initiatives that will impact our present and upcoming generations.


We live in a time where addiction and substance abuse is everyday activity in our societies. GKS aspires to set up a teenage rehab here in Nairobi. We hope to reach out to those of you who are psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists or even just people who are able to listen and empathize with the problems of our youth.

Performing and Visual Arts

An ardent lover of music, dance and arts in general, Mrs. Lee has pioneered very many art and music festivals here in Nairobi during these past 30 years. We can come together and continue this legacy through hosting an array of many such events.


CATSI was founded by Mrs. Lee in the year 2008 when she established the school as its main CSR initiative. Through creating awareness about the illness, there are a zillion little acts that we can do to make a difference to society.

Are you one of Mrs. Lee’s alumni?

Join our community and participate in our initiatives by becoming a member of GKS.

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